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    Cybersecurity Tech Day

    With Palo Alto Networks and Optm

    On Tuesday, April 18th at the Sheraton Grand 

    10am - 1pm (Optional 1pm-3pm Cortex Capture the Flag)


    Traditional approaches to cybersecurity force organizations into making a difficult decision.  Have “best of breed” products from multiple vendors and create operational complexity and security gaps, or simplify by selecting approaches that sacrifice security for simplicity. 

    Only Palo Alto Networks can free organizations from having to make the choice of the best possible security and operational simplicity. Our three platforms are best in breed and are integrated everywhere they need to be to secure the network, secure the cloud and modernize security operations.

    Blue virtual technology background with lines and grids

    Sacramento Public Sector TechDay

    Join us for a half day technical workshop:

    • Learn how the Palo Alto Networks platform for Network Security protects the most important areas of the organization through our next generation firewalls and secure access service edge (SASE) security. 
    • Witness Cortex —The platform for the modern SOC  - as we demonstrate how to collect and analyze data with our security operations platform, enabling security analysts in the SOC to find and shut down threats anywhere, before they cause damage. 
    • Experience how Prisma Cloud secures applications from Code to Cloud enabling security and DevOps teams to effectively collaborate to accelerate secure cloud native application development and deployment. 
    • Learn how our world-class threat intelligence supports and enhances everything we offer. See how we grow that intelligence through our research organization, as well as through our incident response work with clients—a positive feedback loop that improves our products every day.
    TechDay - Tuesday, April 18th
    at the Sheraton Grand 10am - 1pm

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    You will leave with a firm understanding of how this platform approach to securing the network, cloud and Security Operations can give you confidence to effectively protect people, applications, devices and data across State and Local Government agencies and Educational institutions.

    Investigate and hunt threats with Cortex XDR (Optional last hour)

    magnifying-glass-isolated-on-whiteSecOps teams must continually improve the speed and accuracy of their investigations to keep up with increasingly advanced attackers. Join this investigation & threat hunting workshop and learn how to successfully stop cyberattacks through analysis of rich data and alerts. Discover how you can dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations through better detection, investigation, and threat hunting of stealthy attacks.

    In this incident response hands-on workshop, learn how to use Cortex XDR to:

    • Improve your detection and response capabilities using behavioral analytics
    • Quickly investigate the attack chain and root cause of endpoint alerts
    • Accelerate threat hunting with enriched, contextualized data
    • Create custom rules that can alert you when suspicious behavior is detected

    Prerequisite: Participants must bring a laptop with an HTML5-compatible browser.